Monday, November 26, 2007

Oops! Forgot one!

I overlooked an early step. Itis easiest for me to view problems as challenges. I like challenges, they motivate me. My hardest habit is to take the intitial time to learn the technology that can make my learning easier.


Well I did it. It was a challenging yet educational experience. I learned quite a bit about the new technologies that are at our disposal. There is plenty of practical applications for both work and play, both of which I like to do. I personally would like to explore more with Flckr, podcasts, wikis and RSS feeds. Now if only I can find the time.


I have now established my account with NetLibrary. I like that I have access to everything from books to Cliff Notes. The Ebook of the Month is a nice feature too!

Web 2.0 Awards

Here is a truly odd little site, I don't know if I believe it, but it has an interesting concept: True Stories told in one sentence:

and Craigslist has just about anything anybody could ask for:

Want to be self-published, then Lulu is the place for you. But you can also blog, form groups, plan events and have a newsletter with others that share your interest. And you don't have to be a writer, you can be an artist, teacher, businessperson, etc.

Productivity Tools

Well, I am not feeling very productive right now, even though I am plowing through the 23 Thing up to the deadline. I just went to GoogleDocs and wrote myself a letter, chatising myself about procrastination. Fun reading. But seriously, I will be able to use Google Docs to help me create my EIS silent auction spreadsheet so the committee members can add to it.


With a little help from my friend Katie G. I was able to locate the HC site so that I could add to the wiki. Why couldn't I play in the sandbox! Boo-hoo!


I reviewed the Princeton, Bull Run and the Oregon Library sites. Each used wikis differently yet all with one purpose in mind: to communicate and share information and content. One was for book reviews ( great site) the other was to let people know what is going on at the library and the other was a training site. What I loved best was the YouTube video. If only everything could be communicated to efficiently and effectively!